Getting Up to Speed

Well, here we go! I’d like to take a moment to get you up to speed as to where I’m at.

At the finish line of my first half marathon! My youngest brother is in the background also in yellow!

Rewind and Fast Forward
Up until this point in time, I’ve officially participated in 5 races: two 5K’s, one 8K, one 10K, and one half marathon. (Take a look at my Athlinks link on the right sidebar for details.) I’m currently training for the Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus, OH on May 5, 2012. This week completes week 9 of a 14 week training program out of the book, “Marathoning for Mortals“. After this half marathon, I will be training for the Chicago Marathon on October 7, 2012 while raising support and awareness for Oasis for Orphans, with Team Oasis. Our goal is to raise enough money collectively to build a second orphanage for the children in Kenya.

Training Then and Now
I have to admit that it’s hard for me to believe that I’ve already been in training for 9 weeks and that my race is coming up in 5 weeks! I’m pretty happy with how things are going so far. Last year’s training through the summer was challenging not only because of the fact that I was so new to this activity called ‘running’ but because of the combination of the sun, heat, and humidity. Running in the winter was actually rather enjoyable for me! I can honestly say that I rarely got ‘too hot’.

Hurry Up and Weight
One of my biggest challenges at this point is my weight. I’d love to get down to 200 lbs when I cross the starting line in October. That would mean I’d need to lose OVER 50 lbs in less than 6 months; that’s like 9 lbs a month; or 2.25 lbs a week! I’m not sure that’s healthy and everything I’ve read (which isn’t a whole lot) says that losing weight while training for a marathon is very difficult because of the amount of energy you need feed ‘the machine’. I’m convinced, however, that I’ve got PLENTY of stored energy to at least train through the next few months!

Prayer Requests
I’d like to ask you to pray for a few things for me:

  • Pray that I would find at least 5 more financial supporters for Oasis for Orphans for at least $20 each for the month of April.
  • Pray that I remain injury free in my training for the half marathon in May.
  • Pray that I would be able to balance my time between family, work, rest, and training.

Thanks for coming along on my journey!



One thought on “Getting Up to Speed

  1. Adam Thomas says:

    Awesome, Tony! Way to go!! Glad to see you blogging about your journey.

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