Life After The 2013 Chicago Marathon

1394012_10153395002350397_1473579959_nIt’s been about 6 weeks since I completed the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 13th!

As soon as I crossed the finish line with my brother, Joey, I told him, “I am not going to do this again unless I have lost 60 lbs. at the time of registration.”
“Sixty pounds?  But registration is in February!  You can’t lose 60 lbs. by then.”
“Oh, well!  I guess I won’t be running in 2014!  Ha ha!”

I’ve heard it said and have read that a runner may experience ‘post marathon blues‘ after completing such an accomplishment.  This is typically due to having a race goal to work towards for so many months and now, nothing.  I might relate it having lost a sense of purpose or significance.  I would guess that no one willing desires to experience this, myself included.  I knew I needed to do something!

I set a weight loss goal of losing 60 lbs at an average of 5 lbs a month.  That would work out to reaching my goal weight by the end of October of 2014.  I thought that going back to what I was familiar with would be the best solution.  In 2010, I participated in a program called Body-for-Life (BFL) created by Bill Phillips.  Essentially, it is a 12 week program whereby you exercise 6 times a week with structured interval training exercises, you eat 6 times a day with healthy portions of food combinations focusing on the right carbs and proteins, and you track your progress in a journal.  Back then, I lost close to 25 lbs.  It just makes sense that I would repeat something that was proven to work.  So, after taking a week off of any activity I started my 12 week trek towards the 60 lb peak!

Thanks for following my progress!