Life After The 2013 Chicago Marathon

1394012_10153395002350397_1473579959_nIt’s been about 6 weeks since I completed the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 13th!

As soon as I crossed the finish line with my brother, Joey, I told him, “I am not going to do this again unless I have lost 60 lbs. at the time of registration.”
“Sixty pounds?  But registration is in February!  You can’t lose 60 lbs. by then.”
“Oh, well!  I guess I won’t be running in 2014!  Ha ha!”

I’ve heard it said and have read that a runner may experience ‘post marathon blues‘ after completing such an accomplishment.  This is typically due to having a race goal to work towards for so many months and now, nothing.  I might relate it having lost a sense of purpose or significance.  I would guess that no one willing desires to experience this, myself included.  I knew I needed to do something!

I set a weight loss goal of losing 60 lbs at an average of 5 lbs a month.  That would work out to reaching my goal weight by the end of October of 2014.  I thought that going back to what I was familiar with would be the best solution.  In 2010, I participated in a program called Body-for-Life (BFL) created by Bill Phillips.  Essentially, it is a 12 week program whereby you exercise 6 times a week with structured interval training exercises, you eat 6 times a day with healthy portions of food combinations focusing on the right carbs and proteins, and you track your progress in a journal.  Back then, I lost close to 25 lbs.  It just makes sense that I would repeat something that was proven to work.  So, after taking a week off of any activity I started my 12 week trek towards the 60 lb peak!

Thanks for following my progress!



One thought on “Life After The 2013 Chicago Marathon

  1. Good luck! Amazing goal, and amazing accomplishment for running Chicago!

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