Oh No! I’m Bored!

file0001568691154Two weeks into the Body-for-Life (BFL) program, I started to lose interest in my journey.  I suddenly remembered why I stopped the 2nd and 3rd attempts at BFL.  While I know that I’m the type of person who needs structure and simplicity, both of which BFL provides, it lacked something!  Maybe it was variety; maybe it was accountability; maybe it was details; maybe I was distracted!  It was then that I started to a little research on other ‘programs’ like CrossFit and the the Paleolithic diet (aka Paleo Diet).  I asked my trusted health conscious friends for some ideas resources and the ones that I kept going back to were Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson.  I watched a video of them presenting at the 2012 Ancestral Health Symposium here.

So after 4 weeks of BFL, I decided to follow a prescribed 21 day transformation regiment from Mark Sisson which addresses not only nutrition, but exercise, sleep, and fun!  Long story short, I was amazed by one of the measurements I tracked, body weight, after only 3 weeks of this.

  • Post Marathon Weight = 255 lbs
  • Post BFL Weight (4 weeks) = 250 lbs
  • Post 21 day Primal Blueprint Weight (3 weeks) = 235 lbs

Hmmm…I think we’re onto something here!