Keeping an Open Mind

The Tension

I’m the type of person who typically follows instructions, a recipe, a training program, or a diet without any room for changes.  If it calls for 2 tablespoons of coconut flour, or 3 days strength and 3 days cardio, or measure 21 inches then cut with a circular saw then that’s what I do…no more, no less.  So when a friend of mine says to me that I should really, fill in the blank, when I’m in the middle of my training schedule, there is a little alarm that goes off in my head that says, “Danger, Will Robinson!  Danger!”

It was different this time.  In my last post, I described my recent journey with Body-for-Life and how I allowed certain trusted voices to help me decide to go down a different route.  How often it is that I think I know best and how stubborn I am to even consider another option.

Some people might say that I have “black and white thinking”…it’s either one or the other but nothing in between…no gray areas…no room for modifications.  This is where having an open mind can be helpful especially in the area of health and fitness.

I’ve only ever had one personal trainer and he pretty much told me what to do and I did it.  However, when he became to expensive to keep I was lost but I didn’t know it.  You see, he didn’t teach me how to create a training plan.  He didn’t teach me how to modify my exercises if I became injured.  I didn’t learn how to plan for progress but rather track performance.  I didn’t know how to plan my future workouts based on my log books.

Little did I know that I’ve had informal “personal trainers” in my life who actually had been encouraging me to think and do things different than what I had been; people like my chiropractor, my running coach, and my co-workers!

Would you consider yourself as having black and white thinking like me?  Do you still?  Knowing what you know now, how do you function when you’re faced with keeping an open mind?

I’d love to hear your story.

~ Tony


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